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Allstar cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports around the world. It is a competitive sport where the athletes compete against each other performing routines that involve stunting, tumbling, jumps, baskets and dance. We don't cheer for other sports teams, we are the team.

Cheerleading was initially started in America, and it's now a worldwide sport.

Why has cheerleading grown so much? Because it's fun!

Competitive Cheerleading is a very high-energy athletic sport. Competitive Cheerleading is where a team competes a two and a half minute routine against other teams, scored by a panel of judges. 

Every athlete gains so much from Cheerleading. Not only athletic skills like learning to jump, stunt and flip, but more importantly lifelong friendships! 


​Topgun provides a supportive, safe and fun environment, to make sure athletes progress to be the best cheerleaders they can be! Being part of a team is an invaluable experience where the athletes learn to not only help each other but work together to achieve the same goal. The athletes learn to trust each other and build confidence both on and off the cheer mat. Cheerleading helps kids learn commitment, perseverance and teamwork.

The best part about it: Cheerleading is for EVERYONE! It caters for ALL abilities, from complete beginners to experts! There are divisions for every age range from children to adults as well as levels which increase in skill difficulty.

So what are you waiting for?                               









We currently have 8 competitive teams. Our competitive teams change from season too season based on who we have at tryouts.

Our tryouts run every July, the teams then train September-July. We also host midseason tryouts around March every year but spaces are limited. If we have space and we feel like you have the necessary skills/experience we will take people at any point in the season.

We have a team for everyone at Topgun, our teams are different levels and abilities.

Here is some information about them, if you would like to join one our competition squads please email

Our worlds team Pink are in the international open level 5 division for ages 16+. This team competes at the World Championships in Florida every year. This year they came 5th in the world and have since won a bid to next year and been crowned National Champions. Pink is a team for highly committed and experienced athletes. Tumbling requirements: running full, standing handspring to layouts.



Mint are our U16 level 1 team. They are also Summit Champions. This team are renowned of their dynamic, fast pace routines. They always have a great energy and are one of the only teams to outscore Shadow. This season they have already been crowned National Grand champions. Tumbling requirements: back/front walkovers and Valdez (preferred not required) with great technique.


Blackout is our senior coed level 3 team. We are so excited to return to this division after a few years out. Did you know this team went undefeated for six years and have won every competition so far this year. This team trains once a week but a high level commitment is expected. Tumbling requirements: running tuck, standing multiple handsprings.


Our youth one team Lime are a highly competitive level one team. This team has built up over the last seasons into an unstoppable force. They work harder than most teams in the gym and are always up for a challenge. This team has just won a bid to America next year and we cannot wait to take them! They are national champions and grand champions. Tumbling requirements: back/front walkovers and Valdez (preferred not required) with great technique.


Our four time summit champion team Shadow are in the U18 level 1 division. They are known worldwide for their expert technique and tik toks. This team travels to America to compete in the Summit Championships. Last year they were the first team in cheerleading history to score a perfect 100. This team is a high level of commitment with flexibility being an important component, especially for our flyers. Tumbling requirements: back/front walkovers and Valdez (preferred not required) with great technique.


Thunder are our senior one team. This team is for senior aged athletes that maybe don't have the tumbling skills but still want to work hard. This team always starts the season with lots to learn but have had 4 seasons of being undefeated. It's a team that is slightly less commitment with training once a week. The team morale is always so good and everyone works super hard. Tumbling requirements: back/front walkovers preferred but not necessary.


Peach are a prep junior one team. The teams is a great place to start out as a competitive cheerleader, the routines are slightly shorter and difficulty expectations slightly less. It is however still challenging for those involved and the quality we put out on the floor is always impressive and they have won at every competition. Tumbling requirements: back/front walkovers preferred but not necessary.



 Strawberry is our level 1 novice team. These teams have no skill requirements and will teach you all the foundations of cheerleading. The session are focused on creating a fun environment and creating a team bond. These athletes always learn so many skills and we love watching the joy they have when they hit the competition floor. There are no tumble requirements for this team.

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